White Miniature Schnauzer

Many things had changed since our introduction in 2006.

Doing little steps, some of them definitely wrong, we´ve found our own road since some time ago.

In the beggining I´ve started with Made In Spain dogs and few years later when Olga arrived in 2005, already together we re-started incorporating dogs from different bloodlines looking always for an excellence both in morphology and in temperament.

The experience of those years has proved that we did mistakes chosing some breeders and in the same way we hit it right with others.

Thanks to our mistakes we´ve learned to appreciate the responsability and seriousness that suppose the offer of a ¨show dog¨.

One never finishes learning and independently of how many years we are in the ¨dog world¨, it's always possible to improve.

We do our best devoting a lot of time and pasion to breed healthy and nice dogs destined to be perfect pets, with hope that our dogs can bring a unique touch to the breed in general.

Our white schnauzers have achieved numerous national championships at almost all over the world. To say more, at this moment (january 2017) we can be proud of 5 World Winners and 5 European Winners.

In this work we´re lucky to count with the help and collaboration of our dog owners who take wonderful care of their dogs spending on them time, money and giving them love, just to show to the world the best of every single dog. We´d love to express them our enormous gratitude for their trust and for their work with our puppies.

At this moment we concentrate our breeding work on consolidation of our own bloodline, so it would be easy to recognize our dogs as Blaylock at first sight. Our objective is clear and we do all possible to achieve it slowly but surely enjoying the road, enjoying every of our dogs. They are the most important, their welfare, happiness and health, they are our guide every day.

We tried to show you almost all of them in different pages of this web, take in mind that each one of these white minies keeps part of our heart. 

Feel free to spend some minutes to see them, to learn little more about each one, their championships because all they form Blaylock history.

Thank you all.